Santa Cruz VX™ x Everslick® Skateboard Decks Test

Today we are stoked to link up with Justin Sommer at Newark Skatepark for our latest installment of 'What I'm Riding'! Learn more about the strength of the new  VX Everslick Decks and much more.

VX Everslick combines 2 proven technology constructions into one with the strength and pop of VX and Everslick, the fastest sliding slick material on the market.

Featured Products

Santa Cruz

8.0in x 31.6in Japanese Morph Dot VX Everslick Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Assorted color
11116640_133160_80in_x_316in_Japanese_Morph_Dot_VX_Everslick_Santa_Cruz_Skateboard_Deck_57966 | color: Assorted color
Regular price $94.95 Unavailable
Santa Cruz

8.25in x 31.8in Flame Hand Sequence VX Everslick Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Assorted color
11116638_133159_825in_x_3180in_Flame_Hand_Sequence_VX_Everslick_Santa_Cruz_Skateboard_Deck_57968 | color: Assorted color
Regular price $94.95 Unavailable

53mm Elite Hardline 99a OJ Skateboard Wheels

OJ_EliteHardline_53_front | color:
Regular price $39.95 Unavailable
Bronson Speed Co.

G3 BOX/8 Bronson Speed Co. Skateboard Bearings

33531208_72390_G3_BOX8_Bronson_Speed_Co_Skateboard_Bearings_27111 | color:
Regular price $33.95 Unavailable

Stage 11 Polished Standard Independent Skateboard Trucks

33131982_85783_Stage_11_Polished____Standard_Independent_Skateboard_Trucks_56207 | color:
Regular price From $24.95 /each Unavailable

9in x 33in Samborghini Rose Sheet Mob Skateboard Grip Tape

88483317_134508_9in_x_33in_Samborghini_Rose_Sheet_Mob_Skateboard_Grip_Tape_62075 | color: Graphic
Regular price $13.95 Unavailable