53mm Snot Rockets Pastel Blue 95a Slime Balls Skateboard Wheels

Slimeballs Snot Rockets feature versitile and forgiving rounded edge shape with performance on a budget 95a urethane that is great for cruisers, beginners, or as an all terrain wheel.
Wheel Diameter (Millimeters) 53
Wheel Durometer/Hardness 95a
Road Surface (Millimeters) 17
Wheel Width (Millimeters) 32
Brand Slime Balls
SKU 22222872
Pastel Blue
22222872_124729_53mm_Snot_Rockets_Pastel_Blue_95a_Slime_Balls_Skateboard_Wheels_58477 | color: Pastel Blue

Create a custom board using these wheels.

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