54mm Axel Crusher Ramen Elite Mini Combo 101a OJ Skateboard Wheels

OJ Wheels Axel Cruysberghs Ramen Elite Mini Combo 54mm 101a. Elite Urethane equals more speed, a longer lasting roll, and hands down epic times with your crew. Mini-Combo shapes feature a wide road surface for stability and consistent slide and asymmetrical shape cut with a round back and conical front for customizing your set up.
Wheel Diameter (Millimeters) 54
Wheel Durometer/Hardness 101a
Road Surface (Millimeters) 20
Wheel Shape Mini Combo
Wheel Width (Millimeters) 36
Brand OJ
SKU 22222840
OJ_Elite_AxelCrusher_Ramen_54_Front | color:

Create a custom board using these wheels.

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