54mm Snot Rockets Pastel Pink 95a Slime Balls Skateboard Wheels

Slimeballs Snot Rockets feature versitile and forgiving rounded edge shape with performance on a budget 95a urethane that is great for cruisers, beginners, or as an all terrain wheel.
Family Snot Rockets
Item Type Wheels
Product Weight Oz 17.0000
Wheel Diameter (Millimeters) 54
Wheel Durometer/Hardness 95a
Road Surface (Millimeters) 16.5
Wheel Width (Millimeters) 32
Pastel Pink
22222873_124730_54mm_Snot_Rockets_Pastel_Pink_95a_Slime_Balls_Skateboard_Wheels_58480 | color: Pastel Pink

Create a custom board using these wheels.

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