8.00in x 31.25in Stranger Things Screaming Hand Full Santa Cruz Skateboard Complete

The Stranger Things Screaming Hand Complete has seen the upside down and now so can you! The perfect prebuilt complete for new skaters or older skaters getting back into it. The Stranger Things Other Dot Complete is 8in x 31.25in and comes with different colored trucks as well as custom Slimeballs wheels.

Santa Cruz Skateboards pre-built completes feature wider shapes for easy foot placement and shorter wheelbases for easy turning.

High quality components include:

Deck: Lightweight & strong 7-ply birch construction

Trucks: Strong, lightweight cast aluminum trucks w/ either 85a cushions (super-micro, micro, & mini) or 90a cushions (mid-large sizes) for easy turning.

Wheels: Smooth riding, durable wheels w/ either 83a hardness (super-micro, micro, & mini) or 95a hardness (mid-large sizes) high-rebound urethane.

Grip tape: High quality professional grade grit and adhesive.

Bearings: Durable high speed precision steel bearings with oil lubricant for easy rolling.
Available Summer of 2022

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Complete Size 8.00in x 31.25in
Deck Concave Medium
Deck Construction 7-ply
Deck Length (Inches) 31.25
Deck Noselength (Inches) 6.80
Deck Taillength (Inches) 6.50
Deck Wheelbase (Inches) 13.75
Deck Width (Inches) 8.00
Brand Santa Cruz
SKU 11116663
11116663_134871_800in_x_3125in_Stranger_Things_Screaming_Hand_Full_Santa_Cruz_Skateboard_Complete_60512 | color:
8.00in x 31.25in