8.0in x 31.6in Roskopp Pseudo Everslick Santa Cruz Skateboard Deck

Santa Cruz Skateboards Rob Roskopp Psuedo Everslick deck with multi color graphic on black, blue, and natural veneers. Everslicks are the fastest sliding slick boards out and 5 times stronger than a standard 7 ply deck. The unique graphic application process yields bright colors and high contrast graphics that look great longer.
How To Assemble A Skateboard?
Deck Concave Medium
Deck Construction 7-ply
Deck Length (Inches) 31.6
Deck Noselength (Inches) 6.684
Deck Taillength (Inches) 6.513
Deck Wheelbase (Inches) 14.22
Deck Width (Inches) 8.00
Brand Santa Cruz
SKU 11116485
11116485_129700_80in_x_316in_Roskopp_Pseudo_Everslick_Santa_Cruz_Skateboard_Deck_55828 | color:
8.0in x 31.6in

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