8.25in x 32.04in Lockwood Beast of Prey Creature Skateboard Deck

Get hooked by the talons of Lockwood's new 8.25" Beast of Prey pro model. Swoop into your local shop, pick this predator up and make all-terrain your prey. Art by long-time creature homie Fat Chris Adams.

Creature Skateboards Cody Lockwood Beast of Prey deck with art by Fat Chris Adams @fatchrisadams on 7 ply North American Maple pressed individually using epoxy making a strong, responsive deck with long lasting pop and consistent concave and kick.
How To Assemble A Skateboard?
Deck Concave Medium
Deck Construction 7-ply
Deck Length (Inches) 32.04
Deck Noselength (Inches) 6.895
Deck Taillength (Inches) 6.512
Deck Wheelbase (Inches) 14.353
Deck Width (Inches) 8.25
Brand Creature
SKU 11116401
CR_Lockwood_BeastOfPrey_DL14_SU21_D1_bottom | color:
8.25in x 32.04in