9.25in x 31.95in All Hallows Creature Skateboard Deck

This year on Halloween we'll stake our claim on our favorite pagan tradition once again with very special praise to the Pumpkin God and all of his trickery on one hell of a shape. The Creature 'All Hallows Eve' deck features dimensions sweeter than a bucket of candy: 9.25" wide x 31.98" with a crucial 14" wheelbase all you fiends have been drooling over. So stop staring and hunt this Halloween offering down now, 'cause they are limited to only 300 pieces. Art by Austin Pardun.
How To Assemble A Skateboard?
Deck Concave Medium
Deck Construction 7-ply
Deck Length (Inches) 31.95
Deck Noselength (Inches) 7
Deck Taillength (Inches) 6.75
Deck Wheelbase (Inches) 14
Deck Width (Inches) 9.25
Brand Creature
SKU 11116551
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9.25in x 31.95in
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