Black Standard Krux Skateboard Trucks

The Krux K4 is the perfect truck for all types of skateboarding! Good for beginner to advanced shredders. Great for parks, street, ditches, cruzers etc! Standard Height: Not too tall, definitely not a low. World's Best Cushions feel broken in from the start! They got that sexy hole in dem. Great price! Krux Pros ride the K4's!
Item Type Trucks
Product Weight Oz 15.0000
Truck Axle (Inches) 8.50
Truck Design Standard
Truck Height (Millimeters) 55
Truck Weight (Grams) 359
33132058_47772_Black__Standard_Krux_Skateboard_Trucks_28299 | color:
$19.95 /each

Create a custom board using these trucks.

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