Genuine Parts Standard Cylinder (88a) Cushions Soft Red Independent

Independent Genuine Parts Suspension Cushions feature ultra-high rebound urethane formula for high performance and less break in time. Designed to fit Independent trucks as well as most other brands including Venture and Thunder*.

Available in cylinder in 78a, 88a, 90a, 92a, 94a, and 96a and conical in 88a, 90a, and 92a.

Box of 4 sets including washers

*Venture Trucks is a trademark of Ermico, Inc.; Thunder Trucks is a trademark of SF Deluxe Productions, Inc.
Hardware Size (88a)
Hardware Type hw_type Cushions Soft
Item Type Truck Accessories
Product Weight Oz 0.1000
33531189_70399_Genuine_Parts_Standard_Cylinder_88a_Cushions_Soft_Red_Independent_24627 | color: Red