K5 Nora By Alexis Standard Krux Skateboard Trucks

Krux Nora Vasconcellos Pro K5 featuring art by Alexis Sablone @suminaynay on polished silver hanger, green baseplate, white cushions, and silver hardware.

The Krux K5 Truck with the Pur-fect Turn features newly re-designed hanger and sexy-ass baseplate, quicker turning geometry, a new pivot shape & more durable injection molded pivot cup combined with the world's best cushions and the strongest axles available make the K5 the best Krux Truck ever made.
Truck Axle (Inches) 8.00
Truck Design Standard
Truck Height (Millimeters) 55
Truck Weight (Grams) 339
Brand Krux
SKU 33132472
33132472_124413_K5_Nora_By_Alexis_Standard_Krux_Skateboard_Trucks_59430 | color:
$28.95 /each

Create a custom board using these trucks.

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