Krome Chameleon 2 Standard Krux Skateboard Trucks

The Krux K5 Chameleon truck changes color in different light similar to an oil-slick paint job seen on custom cars around the world. A hot seller from last year, this new updated pink and blue Chameleon sets itself apart from all the other trucks on the shelf. 

New and improved K5 Krux Truck with the "Pur-fect Turn". Quicker turning geometry, a new pivot cup shape, re-designed hanger and sexy-ass baseplate combined with the strongest axles available make the K5 the best Krux Truck ever made.
Truck Axle (Inches) 8.00
Truck Design Standard
Truck Height (Millimeters) 55
Truck Weight (Grams) 339
Brand Krux
SKU 33132469
33132469_124399_Krome_Chameleon_2_Standard_Krux_Skateboard_Trucks_59414 | color:
$28.95 /each

Create a custom board using these trucks.

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