Screaming Hand S/S Santa Cruz Youth T-Shirt

Roll up and stand out in the latest youth t-shirts and apparel from Santa Cruz Skateboards. The Screaming Hand youth short-sleeve cotton t-shirt features small front and large back Screaming Hand logos printed in soft hand ink. Artwork by legendary Jim Phillips! Santa Cruz has been manufacturing the best skateboards and apparel since 1973. Innovative skateboards and artwork from the beginning 'til the end.
Item Type T-Shirt
Product Weight Oz 8.0000
Fabric Weight (oz/yd2) 5.3
Fit Regular
Material 100% Cotton
Style Mill Made
SC_YTH_ScreamingHand_SS_Barbados_Front | color: Barbados
SC_YTH_ScreamingHand_SS_Black_front_2 | color: Black
44151367_93854_Screaming_Hand_Regular_SS_Santa_Cruz_Youth_TShirt_54024 | color: Burgundy
44151367_128233_Screaming_Hand_Regular_SS_Santa_Cruz_Youth_TShirt_57168 | color: Burgundy w/Safety Yellow
44151367_120357_Screaming_Hand_Regular_SS_Santa_Cruz_Youth_TShirt_53916 | color: Funnel Cake
SC_YTH_ScreamingHand_SS_MultiRainbow_Front_2 | color: Multi Rainbow
SC_YTH_ScreamingHand_SS_SpiderGold_Front | color: Spider Gold
44151367_125711_Screaming_Hand_Regular_SS_Santa_Cruz_Youth_TShirt_55289 | color: Twist Carolina Blue
44151367_131107_Screaming_Hand_Regular_SS_Santa_Cruz_Youth_TShirt_59137 | color: Daisy
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